Raise the genius (and get off your seat)

Steve Jobs knew it, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama know it very well, and science even confirms it: the worst way to hold a meeting is sitting down. To hold their meetings face to face, top managers choose to walk, to clear their minds, get outside and paradoxically even recover some the privacy that open-plan offices deny them. Now research from Washington University in St. Louis explains why, even without walking, and simply standing up rather than remaining seated, makes work meetings more creative and productive. A small change to the physical space can change the way in which people work together. Greater and improved productivity are not the only benefits of a work organisation based on as little sedentary action as possible.

For some time now, the United States have devised office solutions that help employees lose weight even, or keep fit while they work, because it has been demonstrated that this improves their health, which has positive effects on their productivity. Ranging from travelling meetings to high desktops, designed to work while standing, and even workstations equipped with treadmills. We devise furnishing systems for environments intended for concept work. Workstations, study and reading stations that are flexible and functional. Ideal for settings that evolve, grow and change. With dedicated modular systems, up to even 7 metres in length. To held ideas, you need new ideas.

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