Learning to focus

Working while concentrating is getting increasingly more difficult. To make matters worse, constant notifications, vibrations, chat posts also distract us further. A lot of “open-plan” spaces are difficult to manage, especially for those whose jobs involve concentration over relations and exchange. In fact, the ideal space for each and every job should be conceived. The workplace should be arranged so that you can be facing the door when you are seated, but not in a straight line, to avoid draughts, or the classic gust of wind that scatters your paperwork. There shouldn’t be any obstacles in front of the entrances, because they block the flow of energy.

Choose furniture, desks and tables whose dimensions are proportional to the room they are in. Colours should prevalently be pale, with simple silhouettes. Do not team furnishing accessories with contrasting styles and add minimal ornaments. Get rid of any excess and tidy up. The essential objects you need should be in full view. Beware of invisible mess: files to sort, old e-mails and obsolete documents in your desk drawers should be reorganised, getting rid of as much as possible. Rationality, order, discretion are fundamental features in the definition of operational places: turn your office into a stylish, appealing and functional place. Discover our systems of glass partitions and accessorised wall panels, storage units and accessories. Enjoy your space and your focus.

Our solutions to help you focus