Working together to grow

Sharing a space means “building” together with other people. Like an orchestra where teamwork is essential, it means placing individuality and skills at the service of the group. To work in sharing mode, spaces have to be open-plan, but also ensure everyone has their autonomy. This mode does not entail simply sharing square metres, desk space, and coffee machine, but a genuine workplace that is mid-way between a traditional office and one’s home, where professionals with various skills get together to share spaces and professional tools, as well as to experiment, sometimes even unaware, with a new work model based on exchange and collaboration.

This type of environment involves a certain aperture towards others, the desire to communicate and compare and share ideas and skills. Whether barriers are put up at the entrance or not, those who inhabit these spaces are almost always youths, with an average age of between 28 and 38 (members of international co-working teams are generally younger), with a good education and a certain propensity towards collaborating. In a traditional office, everyone works for the same company, with similar skills striving to achieve a common aim, whereas in a shared space, everyone works for themselves, has their own professional skill set and specific tasks, and they naturally come into contact with others and it is this proximity that leads to the exchange of ideas, projects, partnerships. Free up space, free up light, organise yours to perfection.

Our solutions for the creation of shared spaces