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If interior décor is a symbol of power, then a bigger desk will be an extremely useful piece of furniture to let others understand who’s in charge. Obviously, authority and authoritativeness are two very different things, and they should be earned on the field, yet having a rather significant and imposing piece of furniture is already a great calling card. Make sure your desk is rather large, but not too large, and that it’s made of glass. You can even choose a wooden model, provided it isn’t in arte povera or an antique. Choose all the furniture pieces around the desk in the same style as the latter. In fact, any respectable functional office needs a drawer unit or a bookcase with free, closed shelves, to put away their belongings, the various projects completed and their documents. Match the desk with a chair, or better still an armchair, with a slim frame and, most importantly, one that’s comfortable. Leather is definitely an excellent choice, especially if it’s black or white, but red is also a good call. A metal bin is necessary to throw away scraps of paper, and you’ll also need metal desk accessories such as a pen organiser (even if you use a PC, pens are always necessary).

Add a table lamp on your desk, with a modern design, of if you’ve got room, you can furnish your office with a delightful oversized floor lamp model, which will flood your workspace with light. You could also add a pot plant, an evergreen or perhaps even an orchid, so that your office, in addition to being uber-modern, also has a touch of nature. Striking yet simple shapes and a functional design distinguish the executive system, which is available in various finishes: Glass, Oak, Walnut Stained, Mocha Oak and Limed Oak. Bold signs define the volumes, creating contemporary scenes which make the workspace more pleasant.

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