WallSystem is Planet Evo and Modular

Settings flooded with light, where the partitions do not create barriers, but merely the ideal solution to ensure acoustic discretion and foster interaction between various environments.

Containing, dividing, organising: accessorised wall panels with full-height storage units, which are indispensable in any office, are the brilliant solution to every storage requirement, as they match the finishes and assembly system of the other Falmar systems.

The workplace becomes a well-organised venue, where the spaces are kept neat and tidy. MODULAR is the ideal solution for dividing large settings, designed to solve all problems thanks to the complete incorporation of partitions, accessorised and integrated, available in various top-quality materials and featuring a trendy, appealing design.

Planet Evo F25 S
Monoglass Wall System

Planet Evo F25 D
Dual single-glazed wall system

Planet Evo F200
Horizontal Monoglass System Wall

Planet Evo F100 S

Planet Evo F100 D
System Partition Double Glass

Equipped System Partition